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Semi Truck Accident Attorneys

Semi Truck Accident Attorneys

Parke Gordon semi truck accident attorneys are experienced in representing clients who have been involved in accidents caused by semi trucks, big rigs, tractor trailers, or other commercial vehicles. Semi truck accidents can cause serious injuries and sometimes result in wrongful death claims. Special considerations are owed in handling a semi truck due to the safety of special federal and state laws that regulate trucking companies and their drivers.

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Semi truck companies are required by federal law to keep documents about their trucks and their drivers but after a period of time, they may destroy those documents. You need to hire a semi truck attorney immediately after a truck accident. If the driver of the commercial truck was negligent, evidence needs to be preserved that can be used to demonstrate that the trucking company and its driver are responsible. An attorney can protect your rights by sending a special letter called a spoliation letter to the trucking company. After receipt of the letter, the trucking company will be forced to preserve the documents. If the documents show a pattern of willful and reckless behavior, you may be entitled to recover punitive damages.

Do not hurt your chances of obtaining a full recovery by waiting to hire a semi truck accident attorney. After the trucking company has destroyed valuable evidence that you could have used to prove your case, you may not receive as great of a settlement.

Maximize Your Settlement With a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

A person injured in a semi truck accident is entitled to recover a number of different types of damages, categorized as either economic or non-economical or special or general. Truck accident victims generally do not know what types of damages are available to them after a truck accident. By not hiring an attorney, many people settle for much less than they could recover from the trucking company or its insurance company. Our experienced lawyers can build your case by employing experts to investigate liability, produce life care plans, economic analysis, and make a vocational rehabilitation assessment to maximize the value of the damages you are entitled to recover.

Semi Truck Accidents vs Car Accidents

Semi truck accidents and car accidents differ in many ways. Though both semi truck accidents and car accidents both happen frequently. For instance, of the 32,000 people that died in a car accident, nearly 5,000 of those involved a semi-truck. Consequently, 80 percent of the 500,000 semi truck accidents that occur each year, only 20 percent are caused by semi truck drivers. Many people may think a semi truck accident is the same as a car accident; they are not.

Here are some differences between semi truck accidents and car accidents.

  1. Weight and size. A normal size car weighs about 4,000 pounds. Now compare that to a semi truck which weighs roughly 80,000 pounds. The force from a car accident can be bad enough. But calculate the impact with a vehicle that weighs 20 times the amount of your car and you can probably guess you’re in trouble.
  2. Fault of the accident. If the accident was the fault of the semi truck driver, the driver is not the only one at fault. The trucking company and truck manufacturer could also be liable. A trucking company will be held responsible for the maintenance of the semi truck as well as the driver’s hours and log files.
  3. Log files of the truck driver. Every truck driver is required to record the number of miles and hours they drive. This logs will track the amount of driving time, how many times they stop, how long they rest, etc. Your attorney will be able to get access to the truck driver’s log for evidence.
  4. Property damage. Due to the weight and size of a semi truck, the damage could be much worse than if you had hit a car. The personal injuries in a semi truck accident are also usually much worse and sometimes even fatal.
  5. How insurance covers the accident. A semi truck will carry more coverage due to the more likely hood of an accident and the greater property damage. Many people may think they can handle an insurance company. However, hiring personal injury attorney, Mat Parke will help to fight the big insurance companies. Mat can insure that you will get the most compensation from your accident.

Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

Semi truck accidents are common and unfortunately are often deadly due to how much more weight a semi is compared to a standard vehicle. Nearly 500,000 truck accident occurs in the United State each year. Of these, 5,000 are fatal truck accidents. Here are some common causes of semi truck accidents:


Semi-trucks are required by federal regulations to be kept in good condition when being operated. Serious truck accidents are often caused by the semi truck needing to be maintained. Examples include when a trailer being pulled by a semi comes loose or a tire blows out. Semi trucks should be checked for maintenance regulations before each use.

Semi Truck Driver Is Fatigued

Often times a semi-truck driver may feel pressured to stay on a tight schedule and not be able to rest. The public has been warned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the seriousness of fatigue while driving. Truck drivers are often required to drive thousands of miles each day.

Driver Is Distracted

Distracted driving continues to be a number one cause of car accidents nationwide. It is no different for truck drivers. A driver is considered to be distracted when they are using a cell phone, changing the radio station or doing any other kind of activity while driving that would cause the driver to take his or her eyes off the road.

Semi Truck Driver Is Inexperienced

Some trucking companies will hire a new driver, send them to learn to drive a semi truck and then immediately put them out on the road. These new drivers may then be placed with a semi truck they are not familiar with. The biggest reason trucking companies hire inexperienced drivers is because they are able to pay them less than they would have to pay a more experienced driver.

Unbalanced Load

Sometimes an accident may occur from improper balance of a load on a semi truck trailer. A semi truck can sometimes be loaded quickly to get the driver to the next drop off as soon as possible. Improperly loaded trailers can cause serious car accidents.

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