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If a Negligent Driver is Without Insurance

If a Negligent Driver is Without InsuranceBeing injured by a negligent driver in a car accident is bad enough. To make matters worse, the negligent driver is uninsured. Your car was totaled and your medical bills are pouring in. Who is going to pay for all this? First, you need Parke Gordon Law Firm on your side. Our experienced attorneys will handle the insurance companies. Our law firm offers a free consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. In addition, Parke Gordon works on a contingency fee. That means you pay no attorney fees until your case is settled. However, you should know how to protect yourself from uninsured drivers after a car accident.

What to do When the Other Driver is Without Insurance

The best way to protect yourself from an uninsured driver after a car accident, is to rely on your own insurance. Uninsured motorist coverage can be used to pay damages to your car and medical expenses you have incurred.

In some car accident cases, it may be worth pursuing a lawsuit against the negligent driver to recover damages. A court may order the at-fault driver to make payments to you or issue a lien against his/her assets to compensate your loss. An experienced car accident lawyer from Parke Gordon Law Firm will be able to assist you to determine if it is worth suing the other driver. Unfortunately, in most cases people who don’t have auto insurance don’t have a lot of money or assets to their name in which case, it would not be worth pursuing a lawsuit.

Hire an Attorney to Get the Compensation You Deserve

It is always worth maximizing the amount from your own uninsured motorist policy. Before you are involved in an accident, it’s smart to carry more than the state minimum insurance of $25,000 bodily injury per person. Typically, medical treatment alone costs more than $25,000 for serious car accident injuries.

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