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High-Speed Motorcycle Accident Kills Two

High-Speed Motorcycle Accident Kills TwoSpringfield Police Officers reported a high-speed motorcycle accident that left two killed. The single motorcycle crash occurred just after midnight near Glenwood Boulevard. Responders arrived on the scene and attempted to give emergency care, but the victims died at the motorcycle accident scene. Evidence, as well as witness reports, indicate that the motorcycle was traveling at a high rate of speed and left the roadway, crashing into a road sign and a tree before stopping in a parking lot. This motorcycle accident is being investigated by the Major Accident Investigation Team. Anyone with more information is being asked to contact the Springfield Police.

Risks for Motorcycle Riders

A motorcycle rider is in a unique position on the road in that they are exposed to more dangers than if they were riding in a standard vehicle. For instance, a motorcycle rider is less visible to other drivers and is also less stable. As a result, many motorcycle accidents occur. In fact, the fatality rate for motorcycle accidents has more than doubled since 1999. Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to be killed in an accident than someone riding in a passenger car. Motorcyclists must be aware of the risks they take when riding a motorcycle.

Common Problems Exclusive to Motorcyclists

Road Hazards

Anything debris, potholes, oil slicks, puddles, uneven pavement, and even railroad tracks are a possible hazard for a motorcyclist to be tipped off the bike.


A motorcycle can become very unstable and begin to shake or wobble at high speeds. This could be due to misalignment of the front and rear tires. If a motorcycle accident is caused by a misalignment, the motorcycle manufacturer may be held responsible for injuries.

Riding Skills and Familiarity

More skill and coordination are required to operate a motorcycle versus a car. Many motorcycle accidents occur because of the rider’s lack of basic riding skills or not being able to recognize the limitations of the motorcycle.

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