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    Client Reviews

    Our clients love the attorneys at Parke Gordon law firm because we are responsive to your calls and questions, knowledgeable about personal injury cases, and efficient at resolving claims quickly for more money. Here’s what our injury clients have said about our services:

    Matt and the staff of Parke Gordan Law were extremely Good with my case, as well as very compassionate to my situation and got a much larger settlement then I thought possible. I would like to say thank you so much.

    Christopher Cangro Avatar
    Christopher Cangro

    When I got into a car accident it never dawned on me to get legal representation, but when the person at fault insurance company was not wanting to pay for repairs or medical bills and really low balling me. I decided to Google and they were the ones I went with and was glad I did. Jane was great and explained the process to me. When everything was said and done they got me more money than I expected... read more

    mary alice Nevarez Avatar
    mary alice Nevarez

    Mat Parke, Jane Gordon and the entire team at Parke Gordon Law work extremely hard and truly are the best at what they do. They were very compassionate in helping me in a time of need. I highly recommend anyone who has suffered from a personal injury to take the weight off your own shoulders and have Parke Gordon Law handle your case.

    Nera Wingert Avatar
    Nera Wingert

    I have Park Gordon as my attorney and have for a couple of years if you're looking for a good attorney I would strongly recommend them, they are good at what they do they're friendly people and very knowledgeable as well. I enjoy speaking to all the staff very friendly and polite.

    John Walburn Avatar
    John Walburn

    I referred a mutual client to the Firm. They obtained excellent results. I could not be more pleased. I will continue to refer them clients in the future.

    Tom Humphrey Avatar
    Tom Humphrey

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